Ethics Reform

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In 2010, Paul ran on ethics reform and making transparency in government a priority.  In his first legislative session, he co-sponsored and helped pass sweeping ethics reform and continues to make that a priority for state government:

  •  Passed legislation, which gave the Ethics Commission the power to investigate violations and gather evidence. (SB1, 2010x)
  • Passed legislation, which prohibited public employees from using payroll deductions to pay dues to the AEA and ASEA. (SB2, 2010x)
  • Passed legislation, which prohibited legislators from holding other state jobs while serving in the General Assembly. (SB3, 2010x)
  • Passed legislation, which placed limits on what lobbyists may give to legislators. (SB14, 2010x)
  • Passed Legislation to prohibit nepotism within state agencies and the granting of service contracts with relatives.  (SB146, 2013)